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Fragrance Compounder

  • Ref: 285259
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Industry: Fragrance
  • Job Level: Associate
  • Pay: $17.00 - $18.00/hr.

Opportunity Description

We are seeking an experienced Fine Fragrance Compounder with hands-on bench-scale compounding experience. This position will be responsible for accurately preparing perfumery formulae as directed by Perfumers and Compounding Lab Managers. This role requires a high attention to detail in the preparation of complex fine fragrance formulae.

Company Information

Our client is a global fine fragrance design and manufacturer supplying raw materials and fine fragrances to Consumer Products and Personal Care industries.  

Job Duties

  • Reviews assigned formulas for compounding bench scale fine fragrance and ancillary personal care products.
  • Retrieves ingredients as indicated on the formula, ensuring only QC approved ingredients are used.
  • Accurately measures ingredients using scales. Records substitutions, over-pours, etc., ensuring supervisor approval is obtained.
  • Notifies supervisor of missing raw materials needed to complete batch.
  • Packages approved batches and labels all finished product containers.
  • Stocks supplies and labels containers of raw materials when needed.
  • Completes end-of-day procedures including filling powders, repacking, housekeeping and controlling and documenting waste.
  • Maintains clean and safe work area, and adheres to safety regulations and procedures, understanding the hazards of handling the various chemicals.

Experience & Skills Required

  • Small scale compounding experience, preparations of liquid standards with a strong preference for experience compounding fine fragrance formulae.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment with changing priorities.
  • Knowledge of compounding and an understanding of special formula instructions.
  • Ability to understand the importance of chemical handling safety, and adhere to safety regulations, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Pre-hire background check and drug screen required.