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Data Support Analyst

  • Ref: 290276
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Job Level: Junior
  • Pay: $25.00 - $30.00/hr.

Opportunity Description

We are looking for an analytical Entry Level Data and Systems Support Technician who will work with team members to improve current back-end applications and processes. You will use your understanding of databases, programming languages and tools to improve back-end applications including the company's financial application, open source Intranet CMS and digital asset management system.

You will collaborate with programmers, consultants, and other team members to improve reporting and analytical capabilities with BI tools. You will also work with the Systems Administrator in the support of enterprise systems. The position requires excellent technical and communication skills in order to understand business needs and to administer systems accordingly.

Job Duties

Data Support:

  • Assist programmers in providing ad- hoc and custom reports using established query tools 
  • Assist programmers in creating dashboards through PowerBI and other third party reporting/visualization software
  • Maintain our Confluence CMS Intranet site and server including site backup and configuration, updates and patch maintenance, managing web server and database, updating add-ons and macros, updating theme code; creating user guide and train staff
  • Maintain our ResourceSpace digital asset management platform; customizing layouts; adding and modifying metadata field and search fields; permission handling
  • Assist programmers and departments with documentation and testing
  • Develop and enforce data entry standard
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Systems Support:

  • Administration and troubleshooting wifi network as needed
  • Administration of video conferencing system
  • Provide trouble shooting support for printers, scanners, and copiers
  • Provide general software management (e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe, Box, etc.) 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.

Experience & Skills Required

  • At least 1 year of working knowledge with PC applications, development, and computer programming. Working knowledge of program development, SQL and data manipulation best practices; SQL Server 2016. Proven knowledge of database concepts, and web-based applications.
  • Knowledge of most common databases including, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, etc. 
  • Understanding of relational databases and data integration tools
  • Some experience with content management systems (CMS) 
  • Some experience with server-side programming languages such as Java,.NET, Ruby, Python, PHP a plus
  • Some experience with BI tools is a plus
  • Ability to learn new software and hardware packages
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written form
  • Explain technical concepts in non-technical terms to staff
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with all those contacted during the course of work
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member
  • Willingness to sit at desk for extended periods