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Forensic Technician

  • Ref: 292557
  • Type: Long Term Contract
  • Location: White Plains, NY
  • Industry: Laboratory/Pathology
  • Job Level: Entry Level
  • Pay: $30,000 - $31,500

Opportunity Description

We have a great entry-level opportunity for a Forensic Laboratory Technician to join an experienced Forensic Biology lab team.    

Company Information

Our client is a highly respected forensic laboratory in New York. 

Job Duties

  • Train and perform competency testing on approved methods/techniques used in the laboratory including, but not limited to, analyzing biological specimens and organic and inorganic substances; preparing solutions to be used in testing; and operating laboratory equipment. 
  • Receives and logs samples and evidence in accordance with the rules of chain-of-custody.
  • Prepares standard and stock reagents for analysis.
  • Participate in the examination of evidence to locate and identify biological stains such as blood, semen, spermatozoa or other types of body fluids.
  • Selects appropriate biological stains for further DNA analyses.
  • Performs complex technical forensic laboratory analysis of evidence.
  • Performs complicated molecular biology extraction techniques for the purpose of isolating DNA from blood or physiological fluid stained items and quantitates purified DNA.
  • Identifies genetic profiles of extracted DNA.
  • Performs advanced statistical analysis on the frequency of occurrence of generated genetic profiles and issues formal reports on the results of analysis.
  • Utilizes various human population statistical analysis methods to obtain results and presents the results to investigators.
  • Assists in developing and validating the protocol for DNA.
  • Monitors, maintains and calibrates necessary equipment such as freezers, water baths, centrifuges, and thermal cyclers.
  • Performs periodic proficiency tests and validation studies on technological methods.
  • Preparation and presentation of findings in department meetings and written reports. 
  • Process and properly document, collect and transport samples for analysis. 
  • Adhere to Federal, State, and Departmental standard laboratory methods, requirements and guidelines.
  • Receive samples, record sample data, physical characteristics and perform data entry to track sample testing and results. 
  • Exercise judgment and assume responsibility for decisions, consequences, and results having an impact on people, costs, and/or quality of service.
  • Collaborate with laboratory staff to ensure department targets are met, assist with additional testing as requested and provide support as needed to internal and external customers.  
  • Follow all applicable safety, environmental and company policies. 


  • BS Forensic Science (entry-level)
    • OR BS Medical Laboratory Technology, Chemistry, Toxicology, Biology (entry-level)
    • OR AS degree with12 credit hours in Chemistry & 3 years of experience

Experience & Skills Required

  • Prior hands-on laboratory experience utilizing DNA techniques. 
  • Safe chemical handling, ability to safely employ chemical handling techniques, follow established protocol and waste management procedures.
  • Excellent PC skills which may include database entry/management (e.g. MS Office Suite).
  • Excellent communication, organizational, presentation and interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to write reports, effectively present information and respond to questions.