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Mechanical Technician

  • Ref: 298129
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: Piscataway, NJ
  • Industry: Rail / Trucking Equipment Manufacturing
  • Job Level: Junior
  • Pay: Negotiable

Opportunity Description

The Mechanical Technician is responsible for overhauls, operations and repair of a locomotive and Light Rail, and as such will participate in inspecting, repairing and maintaining railcars consistent with industry standards, company requirements, and federal as well as AAR (Association of American Railroads) requirements. Required to use hand tools, power tools, welding and cutting equipment and measuring instruments. Required to operate forklifts, cranes, tractors, torches, and welders.

Job Duties

  • Ensure compliance with all railroad rules and regulations for safety, operations, and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).
  • Inspect car components for compliance with FRA, as well as Association of American Railroads (AAR) standards.
  • Identify or analyze defective components and indicate the necessary corrective action.
  • Inspect the securement of lading in open top or flat cars for compliance with AAR rules.
  • Inspect and salvage parts from dismantled and / or scrapped cars.
  • Inspect and apply end-of–train device and perform air brake tests (if applicable to a particular railroad).
  • Clean, lubricate and maintain tie-down devices as well as boxcar doors and other special equipment on railroad cars.
  • Remove and replace couplers, draft gears and yokes.
  • Inspect, replace and / or repair gaskets, air hoses, train lines, bulkheads and other interior load restraining equipment, steel sections such as side sheets, cross bearers, crossties and under framing.
  • Repair painting on cars and car components: stencil letters and numbers on cars.
  • Build and / or repair components such as freight car doors, wooden floors or interior walls.
  • Fabricate jigs and fixtures and use them to assemble parts on a car.
  • Straighten or fabricate, then replace steel parts such as: grab irons, handholds, ladders, brackets, and patching components in accordance with both AAR and FRA guidelines.
  • Operate light and heavy cranes, forklifts, and other car moving shop equipment.
  • Operate various vehicles both to and on the job site.
  • Re-rail cars and locomotives by using re-railing equipment and perform other work associated with derailment service on the railroad.
  • Obtain information from computer regarding car characteristics, destination, lading, and repair records and / or to file data such as repair information, fad orders and car releases.

Experience & Skills Required

  • High school education or general education development (GED).
  • Two or more years’ experience in Diesel Mechanic
  • Verbal comprehension (Understand oral and written communications)
  • Reasoning skills (problem solving and troubleshooting skills)
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Wear protective equipment such as hard hat, hearing protection, or safety-toe boots
  • Work hours may include a nonstandard workweek, overtime, and various shift work
  • Complete annual training and pass safety rules examinations
  • Must pass all required assessments

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