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Metal Finishing Technician

  • Ref: 298382
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: Denville, NJ
  • Industry: Medical Products Distribution
  • Job Level: Experienced Non-Manager
  • Pay: Negotiable

Opportunity Description

Metal Finishing Technician 

Your Role 

To perform expertly and consistently pre-coat and post-coat metal finishing to the prescribed methods and process paths for CVD and PVD to optimize coatings quality and production throughput. To be knowledgeable of, and comply with, process paths, metal removal and polishing methods and techniques, Standard Procedures and Customer Quality requirements. To perform Metal Finishing work in priority sequence for CVD and PVD respectively, and routine cleaning and maintenance in order to process all Orders to achieve Customers' turnaround times and optimum flow of work through the coating center with minimum re-work at minimum cost. 

Job Duties

  • Receives, comprehends and performs expertly all Order requirements and Metal Finishing/polishing instructions to process all batches of tools in the CVD and PVD production line-ups through Metal Finishing in priority sequence, to optimize quality, productivity and service to customers. 
  • Exercises care and attention to avoid damage to Customers' tools and components. 
  • Examines all tools for damage and/or defective coating, strip coatings and refinish and performs necessary re-work promptly and at minimum cost. 
  • Reports exceptions to standard procedures and expected results. 
  • Undergoes specific training and instruction to achieve acceptable levels of skills, quality, and productivity.
  • Inspects and checks condition of metal removal, polishing and measuring equipment to ensure correct quality. 
  • Assists the Supervisor in scheduling and movement of work through the Metal Finishing work center and responds flexibly and promptly to meet changing requirements in CVD and PVD, performs prioritized tasks to optimize productivity and service levels to customers. 
  • Liaises with the shift leader and other personnel involved in receiving, shipping, inspection and coating to optimize flow and requirements of Customers. 
  • Performs routine equipment cleaning and maintenance programs and implements such cleaning and maintenance work to ensure that high quality is consistently achieved, the work area is kept in an orderly and safe condition and equipment downtime is minimized. 
  • Assists with the optimization of the flow of work, to minimize costs and to improve customer service. 
  • Communicates effectively, verbally and in writing, to supervision and other operating personnel to achieve optimum continuity of workflow and quality. 
  • Reports promptly and accurately in the shift log and other reports to inform supervision, of key events, order status and operating conditions. 
  • Maintains adequate stocks of consumables and re-orders operating supplies within delegated approval levels. 
  • Reports exceptional usage rates for investigation.
  • Metal Finishing Technician Performs re-work as required and assists in resolving quality problems and in minimizing defective work. 
  • Assists in the instruction and training of new and existing operating personnel. 

Experience & Skills Required

  • Complies with Company Policies, Regulations and Safety Rules and Environmental Protection required

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