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Lab Assistant

  • Ref: 299286
  • Type: Long Term Contract
  • Location: Valhalla, NY
  • Industry: Hospitals
  • Job Level: Entry Level
  • Pay: $18.00 - $20.00/hr

Opportunity Description

Under the supervision of higher technical or medical professional personnel, an incumbent in this class performs non-professional routine laboratory tests or procedures and assists in more complex examinations.  The work involves responsibility for performing the preparation, dispensing and sterilization of media, as well as the preparation and sterilization of glassware.  Work is subject to shift assignment

Job Duties

  • Receives all samples delivered to the laboratory for analyses
  • Date and time stamp all laboratory forms submitted with samples and checks forms to ensure they are properly filled out and requested analyses are clearly indicated
  • Numbers samples and laboratory forms with laboratory work number
  • Cleans, prepares and distributes sample preservatives and sample collection bottles ensuring each has been properly treated to prevent sample contamination
  • Cleans and prepares laboratory glassware and pipettes, utilizing the various required techniques to prevent sample contamination
  • Performs physical and chemical analyses of the parameters that must be tested immediately upon sample receipt, including color, turbidity, pH, alkalinity, etc
  • Prepares sample aliquots for analyses and preserves samples for storage
  • Assists in performing the standardized wet chemistry analyses, when required, and records results including chlorides, hardness, sulfates, and solids
  • Maintains work area and instrumentation in a clean and safe manner and in operational condition;
  • Prepares, as required, solutions and reagents
  • Works overtime, holidays and weekends when required.


High school or equivalency diploma and either: (a) satisfactory completion of 60 credits* at a recognized college or university which included course work in biology, chemistry, nursing or other laboratory science; or (b) one year of laboratory experience in an approved hospital, medical or public health laboratory; or (c) satisfactory completion of 30 credits* of college level course work in medical technology; or (d) a satisfactory equivalent combination of the foregoing training and experience.

Experience & Skills Required

  • Good knowledge of standard laboratory procedures and techniques
  • Good knowledge of the use and operation of laboratory equipment and instruments
  • Skilled in performing simple procedures
  • Ability to understand and follow technical instructions, including scientific and mathematical concepts of measuring and weighing
  • Ability to perform necessary quality control monitoring
  • Ability to effectively use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, e-mail and database software