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  • Ref: 302321
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: Brewster, NY
  • Industry: Consumer Products Manufacturers
  • Job Level: Experienced Non-Manager
  • Pay: $19/hr - $20/hr

Opportunity Description

Our client is hiring for a Custodian in Brewster, New York. The company is a growing consumer products manufacturing company and this role will involve inventory, facilities maintenance, and limited production.

Job Duties

Your day-to-day duties as the Custodian include:

  • Inventory, which involves handling non-hazardous materials, weighing them, stocking them in the appropriate physical location and updating the system with correct information.
  • This position would work with a seasoned inventory manager who needs assistance and additional coverage.
  • Facilities involves being responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of facility, including:Daily checks of the facility to ensure materials are properly stocked and items are placed in the correct location.
  • Completing simple repair work or reorganizing parts of the facility as needed.
  • Ensuring that our shipping and receiving area is cleared on a regular basis.
  • Production responsibilities as needed for a particular piece of equipment.
  • This equipment is not used every day and this position would be responsible for helping the main operator with cleaning and changing over the machine between production runs.
  • Other production responsibilities as needed or during down time.

Experience & Skills Required

Desired Skills and attributes:

- Attention to detail- reading item codes carefully and following the established system.

- Proficiency with computers- being able to use the system and enter data.

- Positive attitude and team oriented mentality.


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