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Whether you’re a candidate looking to make a rewarding next move or a client interested in finding top talent, chances are you have questions about the process. Please review our FAQs below. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, simply give us a call or send us an email. We’re always happy to help.

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Job Seekers

There are never fees for any candidate of HumanEdge – Contractor, Freelancer or Direct Hire
No. We find jobs for people in traditional temporary, freelance and direct hire roles
The process is simple. Click on the apply button and add some basic detail such as your name, email and cell phone, then upload your resume. We will do the rest!
Temporaries and Freelancers are paid by HumanEdge. We just need to approve the work that you have done with the client and we will get you paid. It is easy to get work approved with our electronic time approval program. Our pay days are every Friday.
Yes we do offer benefits. We offer co-paid medical benefits, opportunity to earn vacation bonuses, referral bonuses, software tutorials and more.
Contract work has many benefits. Some of our contractors love the flexibility that it affords them, giving them the work life balance that works for them. Contract work also gives you the opportunity to work with a number of employers to decide what the best match is for you. It is also a great way to get in the door with that one company that you would love to work for. Many times our clients offer full time jobs to our contractors…Jobs that never hit the job boards.
We want to use our interview time to get to know you. Be prepared to tell us about your successes in your job history. Do you have a portfolio, examples of work or recommendations? Let us know then. Also, look at the opportunities that we have posted. There may be a few jobs that would be great for you! This is an interview. It is important to be on time, have all of the paperwork needed, and present yourself to us for the career that you want.
Yes, we love meeting with our candidates. Resumes are great, but we want to get to know you…what type of work environment is best for you, what type of experience you have had in the past that we can’t see on a resume. We know that not every job is for every person. Finding the right type of company for our candidates is the key to how you ultimately will view your experience with us. We realize that it may difficult to find the time to come to our office, we are happy to meet with you via Skype as well.

Talent Seekers

We utilize a variety of ways to source talent. First and foremost our HumanEdge Proprietary job board, public job boards, social and business media, user groups, campus recruiting, trade associations, direct recruiting, and by far the largest segment referrals. We are fortunate that many of our candidates are referrals from both clients and employees. We’ve built a database of over 800,000 candidates representing a broad spectrum of talent. Our recruiters are trained in sourcing active, “pactive”, and passive talent with the single objective of building trust and long term relationships. When thinking about a career change… We want HumanEdge to be their first call.
After initial sourcing is complete each new candidate is interviewed by our internal staff before meeting with clients. In person or Skype interviews are conducted. Computer based testing is done for all individuals to validate technical skills. Thereafter a battery of pre-employment onboarding requirements, i.e. i9, w4, social security verification, employment history, and 2 business references are mandatory. Additionally, we will verify credit, driving, military, education, drug and/or criminal background as required by our clients.
HumanEdge follows a precise process for recruiting. Sourcing talent via our internal teams, phone screens to ensure a basic match, and in person meeting to review the background of our candidates, but equally important to get a clearer sense of how they will react in a variety of work place situations. Behavioral interviewing gives us the edge to move past the resume to get to know the person. This helps us to get our clients the most qualified candidates for their unique work environment. Please call our HumanEdge offices for more detail.
HumanEdge stands behind each placement. Since we place talent on a variety of search/assignment types, guarantees will vary. We will call you on the candidates start date to ensure all is going smoothly. Thereafter we will follow up throughout the assignment or guarantee period to make sure that everything is going well and you are satisfied with your new hire/contractor.
The average tenure of staff at HumanEdge is about 7 years. It is a great place to work, and we have some amazing clients that we get to work with every day!
HumanEdge realizes that our goal is to source the best talent for our clients. But equally important is getting talent when you need it. We provide temporary support, freelance and direct hire recruitment for our clients’ talent demands. In addition we offer independent contractor risk mitigation independently of or in conjunction with employer of record or agent of record services.