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  • Ref: 285170
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Job Level: Experienced Non-Manager
  • Pay: Negotiable

Opportunity Description

We are looking for a Developer as a direct hire in a very well known company in Salt Lake City, UT in the financial services. The Developer, along with the engineers, will have the opportunity to create solutions across a variety of domains and software stacks to create leverage in various business lines.


Job Duties

  • Order Management, Electronic Trading, and Client Connectivity Systems.
  • Adaptable Algorithmic Trading Platforms.
  • Performance-Sensitive User Interfaces.
  • Data Lake/Warehousing.
  • Real-Time In-Memory Distributed Systems.
  • Complex Event Processors.
  • Pricing, Risk and Booking Systems.

Experience & Skills Required

  • A software engineer programming in a compiled language such as C++, Java or C# or interpreted such as Python.
  • Comfortable with core programming concepts and techniques (e.g. concurrency, memory management).
  • Enjoys working with algorithms and data structures (e.g. trees, hash maps, queues).
  • A keen interest and experience with machine learning libraries and techniques.